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Soundwave Radio are hosting  Global DJ Talent competition spanning across Europe , UK, Japan, China, Thailand , New Zealand , USA, Canada and South Africa as a result of the competition we are looking for venues in each of these countries.
We have requirements for the following .

  • Small bars and Venues with a minimum capacity of 100 people.
  • Clubs with a minimum of capacity of 200 people.
  • Stadiums and superclubs with a minimum capacity of 1500 people.

If you would like to participate in our 2018 -2019 world tour please fill out the below form and a Soundwave Representative will contact you within 48hrs


Auditions coming up
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Attention South African Djs.

Phil Eckett aka Dj Geezzaa is the boss of Soundwave Radio is returning to South Africa to check out Djs with the unique sounds that only South Africa can bring. When the Boss man says hes going Fishing that’s just what he means, Hes fishing for that raw talent, those Djs with that  raw sound […]

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Help Greg travel the world with soundwave

Dj Name: Greg Gold Biography .: Greg Gold – Polish DJ and music producer living permanently in Belgium.His career develops at an amazing pace.This is due to the great music productions that are conquering the dance floors around the world and are at the forefront of the TOP 100 Beatport Ranking.Extremely creative and open to various musical […]

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Help Scrix tour the world with Soundwave.

Dj Name: Scrix Biography .: Scrix is a DJ and producer based in Brisbane with British heritage. He is one of those rare DJs who gets an internal tingle from pleasing the crowd, much the same as a quality tune. He can do any venue, any event and any need due to his plethora of experience from […]

What we do

  • Our Competitions bring high volumes of traffic to your event which will greatly increase bar and food takings.
  • local advertising via posters and fliers ,
  • International advertising via magazines and Music papers
  • Social media advertising across over 400 different social media platforms.
  • Advertising via radio
  • Recording and videoing of events for Broadcasting on our world wide platforms.
  • Rss + Atom Feeds


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