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Written by on January 24, 2018

FILTA FREQZ: Marcus & Simon meet at secondary school in Slough in 1986, Soon discovering they had the same interests in the Hip Hop movement that had filtered over to the U.K from America in the early 80’s (Electro, Graffiti , Breakdancing and Scratch mix Djing). Discovering the breaks that the Djs were cutting up and playing from all Genre’s of Music (Funk, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Dub, Reggae) , Hunting down the samples & breaks of the Hip Hop tracks they were listening to. Then boom the Acid House scene took over the U.K and they were both soon attending various Raves up and down the country at weekend’s. Soon there was a change in the records they were both hunting down and a different rhythm and beat was taking over. Both of them brought some equipment and decided to take up production and started making tracks in the studio under the name Filta Freqz focusing on the Funky Jackin House Scene. Releasing tracks & remixes on various labels :- Cabbie Hat, Panhandle, Greenhouse, Midwest Hustle, Doin Work, Tango & Gourmand Music including there own imprint Seventy Four Records as an outlet to release music.With there tracks getting spun by the likes of Dj Mark Farina, Dj Heather, Dj Diz, Tommy Largo, Scrubfish & Dj Lurob and many more, We have been getting busy in the studio recently with forthcoming releases on Ammo Recordings, Krome Boulevard Music, True House LA, Modulate Goes Digital, Farris Wheel & Defected.






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