Weekend Warm-Up with PsyGremlin

Written by on October 13, 2017

It might be Friday the 13th, but the only Gremlin you need to worry about is the one that’ll be blasting out of your speakers today.

So tune in to Psychedelic Soundwave this Friday (13th Oct), where I’ll have you dancing your superstitions away, live straight from the City of Gold to your eardrums.

Surf to http://soundwaveradio.net/psychedelic/and click on either “Pop-Up Player” or “Listen” and choose “Psychedelic Soundwave”.

London – 13h00
Amsterdam – 14h00
Johannesburg – 14h00
Athens – 15h00
Bangkok – 19h00
Tokyo – 21h00
Sydney – 23h00
New York – 08h00
Goa – 17H30

Give Psychedelic Soundwave some love on Facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/psychedelicmusic2016

And please drop by my page, for updates and stuff, and gimme a like too! It’ll be appreciated! https://www.facebook.com/djpsygremlin

Also, here’s a heads up for those of you on Daylight Savings, that the show will be switching back to 12 GMT UK time, once the switch over happens at the end of October.

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