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Written by on September 13, 2017

Wednesday 22:00 GMT

23:00 PARIS 16:00 NEW YORK 06:00 TOKYO

HECTOR ROMERO – exclusive appearance in AfterDark House hosted by kLEMENZ.

Its an enormous pleasure and honour for me to finally write this presentation.
Everyone who met this man in person is astonished with his personality, this is a man with the biggest heart among dj celebrities, an open, simple and down to Earth person, radiating warm and charming energy. This is HECTOR ROMERO, and this is how I see or better said… FEEL him.

Picture the summer 1983…In the Bronx, NY a block party, also known as a street jam, is in full effect. A 13 year old kid steps in front of the turntables and starts playing a combination of Latin, House and Hip Hop music. The crowd goes wild and quickly the neighbourhood nicknames the young kid ‘Baby Hec’ Romero. As his notoriety and age grows, he finds himself playing at the premier Latin Dance Club ‘La Mirage’, and doing nights at the hippest street club the ‘Devils Nest’. The very same club where friend Louie Vega got his start. Soon after that, “Baby Hec” Romero (a name that has taken years to shed) found himself DJ-ing at some of New York City’s legendary clubs and underground spots such as Save the Robots, The Red Zone, famed Palladium, and the Roxy.

David Morales, Hector Romero

In 1994, Judy Weinstein recruited Hector Romero to work at Def Mix Productions and assist in the creation of Definity Records, an imprint Weinstein and partner David Morales was working on launching. Hector found he was not as interested in Remixing or Producing but he loved the balance between the creative DJ and the businessman. A&R, and working on the business end of Music, was a better fit. Weinstein took him under her wing and taught him the technique of good business management. The longtime business arrangement garnered him the position of Label Manager of Definity Records the Def Mix imprint.




Louie Vega, David Morales, Tedd Patterson, Hector Romero

Romero has found a balance by playing records at spots such as Filter 14 in NYC, Stereo in Montreal, Locomia in Portugal, and in other clubs around the globe. Mixing different types of music together is his “sound” and it is this mixture that has again increased his celebrity with the Club Culture throughout major European Cities, Canada, and the USA.

 Hector’s music industry experience is not limited to DJing. Early responsibilities included a job in a local record shop eventually leading to a position with Emotive Records. Soon after, he was abducted by David Morales to look after the day-to-day operations of DMI Records. As the current label manager and business partner to Satoshi Tomiie, Hector is the driving force behind SAW.RECORDINGS. Having great success with Chab, Bush II Bush, and Audiofly among others throughout the world.

Hector has earned the respect of DJs and record labels  by using his talents and stepping into the remixing and production arena. He collaborated and honed his skills working with numerous established remix producers, even though he says: “Since remixing and producing are not my thing, being a ‘Record Man’ is quite fulfilling, but my first love, after of course my wife and daughter, is DJ-ing.”

Hector works hard at his craft ensuring that the clubbers always have a good time. What sets Romero apart from the rest is his ability to reach the masses through his music as well as his personality. Although he describes himself as a DJ with a musical identity crisis, deep down he knows that it’s his diversity and eclectic taste that set him apart from his peers. This is what makes him a favorite with promoters and clubbers alike.

As a DJ, Hector Romero continues to play on weekends and spends a great deal of time travelling and DJ’ing around the world. He can be found stirring up dance floors in Italy, Greece, Japan, Spain, Croatia and various parts of the world.

Hector says, “I want to contribute to the success of Dance Music around the world and I will always wave the House Music flag proudly”




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