Iñaky Garcia Exclusive Interview for kLEMENZ

Written by on November 21, 2018

kLEMENZ: Hello and welcome in AfterDark house on SWR Iñaky! Thank you for responding my invitation to participate with your mix to our colorful lineup of awesome djs and producer’s all around the world in my show! So, when a man read your bio and see your amazing list of releases on Traxsource or Beatport, a question pops up, who is Iñaky Garcia, and how would you describe yourself more as a dj or more producer/remixer?

Iñaky Garcia: Hi my friend and hello to all those who read and listen to these sessions. It is a pleasure for me to be here invited in this show. Iñaky Garcia is one of only 5 native djs 100% native “ibicenco” that has earned a small gap in the world of club music.I like to play music but I like to produce or make remixes. Playing music is exciting, but seeing the result of your creations is more exciting and every day I learn more and more. I consider myself a humble dj and producer in this world of music.

kLEMENZ: Your history of involving with music spans over almost 3 decades, so you have lived the golden era of house music in or better said behind dj booth. So what are the main changes from those days you have started your musical journey, and present… other then all that evolution in technology of course?

Iñaky Garcia: I have been lucky to be born in the magical island, where the DJs played the music here in Ibiza, before in other parts of the world. Luckily I played many years in one of the best clubs ” EL DIVINO IBIZA” 1997 TO 2006 and learned from the greatest DJs … I think the technology is good to make our job easier or less heavy. I remember those years of wearing vinyl, it was torture traveling with so much weight  but I think that the great djs are like the good wine, the more years you have more sensitive and psychology you have to make people dance and more musical culture you carry in the back.

kLEMENZ: Although you have traveled and lived in different parts of the world during your career, you were always an Ibiza man, how do you see all that fuss during the summer season? How do you, let say natives citizens, see it?

Iñaky Garcia: Ibiza is an absolute chaos with so many people and it’s entertaining but at the same time, it’s overwhelming. we went from peace to total chaos from summer to winter. but ibiza is no longer funny as it was years ago, its magic has been lost, the parties outdoors, live music, people who dress informally and now it’s just an island to spend money or make money and exploit the workers. There is no fun for people to feel free! I love Ibiza, but I feel sad when I look at the before and the after!

kLEMENZ: You have collaborated with various famous artist in dj booth and in process of producing music, is there any particular one that you remember or wish to collaborate in future?

    Iñaky Garcia: I think I’ve put music with all the best djs and today I consider friends or brothers, as I said I started very young when all the DJs started going strong on the island and, I with them in the DJ booth. I think that with all those who have put music I consider them important. Some more famous and others less, but all are incredible and i everyone learns something.

kLEMENZ: So I can imagine, there are some new upcoming releases cooking in the studio?

Iñaky Garcia: Yes, I have prepared like 12 new songs for now, that little by little will go on sale, some tracks its of my own, and others are collaborations or remixes. I have disconnected more than 1 year in the studio, but this year im coming with much desire and much interesante music IÑAKY GARCIA has returned to the studio.

kLEMENZ: Any other future or near future plans we have to pay attention to or be aware of?

Iñaky Garcia: For now I am preparing my soul and jazz album, and some African things. Also resumed my project of events with my friend and brother Alfred Azzetto called CLASSIC IBIZA where we make fun parties with the great djs, some are mythical djs and others we convince them to put music to make people dance and sing, Mythic songs of club. We have as djs, guests, BANANA BOOGALO, PABLO FIERRO, TUCCILLO, SUPA DISCO, MARK DI MEO, CRISTIAN VINCI, MARIO MARQUES, JUAN CHOUSA, LETIZIA CARRERO, among many many incredible names and as resident djs, Alfred Azzetto and me.

kLEMENZ: Thanks Iñaky for having you on SWR, you’re more than welcome here anytime!

Iñaky Garcia: Thanks for the invitation it is a pleasure for me to be here as a guest, I leave you with a session, only with new tracks for this year, it is not my best session, but is my gift for everyone, here have many of the new songs that are yet to come a hug and a greeting for all!!

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