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HECTOR ROMERO in an exclusive interview with kLEMENZ

Written by on November 10, 2018

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KLEMENZ: Hello and welcome to AfterDark house on SWR Hector! It’s such a privilege and tremendous pleasure for me that you have answered again and gave me a chance to host you in my show!
You have a reputation of being one of the most open, charismatic and energetic dj’s and what’s even more impressive, you are above all a PERSON with a huge heart! You simply radiate that energy to the crowd, and the response you get is amazing! So what’s that main thing, this little secret of yours to drag that positive feelings and vibe out of people?

Hector ROMERO: Its really no secret to the way I do things behind the booth. Just kind of keeping it real and being myself basically, never serious but always professional -that’s my saying as well! You know we just have a good time… I mean what am I really doing? I am playing music to crowd that wants to be taken places …and I enjoy taking them there and it’s…a special job! The one thing I remember always that this is a job first and foremost, it’s a job! Yes we have our drinks, yes we have fun, but at the end of the day it’s still a job, but you can have fun while DJing and that’s just what makes it all so special so you know there are no real secret. ..except…that’s just my personality! I like entertaining people, I get that from my parents that were very festive. Entertaining people when I was young, people would always be at my house, my father would play percussion, always Salsa records in the house, my mother and some aunts and uncles will be dancing in the living room… so just, it’s all about entertaining and it just comes naturally I suppose.

kLEMENZ: As you’ve mentioned almost in any interview I’ve read or listened, you are primarily a DJ, with a great passion for music, but still we can see that you are now and then releasing remixes, so that’s nowadays very unusual as everybody describes themselves as a ˝dj/producer˝ and it seems it became a standard for success now days in music industry?

Hector ROMERO: Yeah…DJ-ing is my passion, my first and foremost passion… remixing never really grabbed my attention so much. I’m one that loves the industry side of things, running labels, speaking with distributors, speaking with lawyers. I always tel young generation DJ’s that they don’t have to force it, if they don’t want to be in the studio! Or remix, or produce it if they don’t feel it! Don’t force it, it has to come naturally! You have to Enjoy being in the studio! Many times I didn’t enjoy being in the studio. I can give my 2 cents for what it’s worth as an A&R director for label like for Defmix, but for the most part I try to keep just DJ-ing, it’s my real passion and of course the background of the industry is what I really love as well .

kLEMENZ: You work also for or better said with a Def mix, the legendary establishment, but I was wondering if you are involved also in new David Morales project Diridim?

Hector ROMERO: I continue to do what I do for Defmix as well, but I am also working with Morales on his new project Diridim Records so we’re working closely a lot, when it comes to the day-to-day stuff for that label… and for the New Year’s its gona be some great music coming out, so look forward to that! Along with what I’m doing at Defmix, so yeah some really good things coming.

kLEMENZ: Before I say thanks for your precious time and good buy … I’ve listened to your Classic House Mix you’ve sent me, and we talked about track list, I have embarrassed myself with not knowing at least half of tracks … so it was very educational listening it, any message you wanted to share with that mix?

Hector ROMERO: The Classic House mix you airing on the show this week was recorded live on Halloween night at the basically the number one Club right now in New York City called Output, which is actually in Brooklyn, outside of the city, outside of Manhattan I should say. So it was Halloween night. The concept of the night was Classics and Tribal and stuff like that, so I had fun putting it together! Just a fun night of music, it was really… the people were really up for it! And everyone in costumes of course, just kind of going for it! So you know I come from the 90’s – I’m a 90’s child, and when it comes to house music…so I lived the 90’s sound into the late eighties and nineties, and of course 2000’s the golden era of house music but.. I love playing classic house whenever I am asked to do a special set like that, and it was just fun you know. A lot of them are note pure pure Classics. By my opinion the ones that I played they were. There are far much better Classics out there, butt I was a time constraint to a 2-hour set, so that’s what I was able to manage in within those two hours! So …but yeah, those are great records that still stand the test of time and still work. But yeah, don’t feel embarrassed that you didn’t know half of the track listing! That’s what it’s all about- educating and listening! Sometimes I get schooled on a classic here and there, so the important thing is that we keep this music alive and we educate and share with…with, you know young DJ’s or lovers of house music they want to know about it. So I believe I gave you the track listing so you’re more than welcome to share the track listing from that miks! So yeah, it was a lot of fun, I would love to do that more often than I do. 

kLEMENZ: Thanks Hector for having you on SWR, it’s always a big pleasure and you’re more than welcome here anytime!!!


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