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kLEMENZ presents: The original-MEGAMEN!!

Written by on October 16, 2018

I had a privilege to chat with legendary MegaMen from NYC ( Dj Dimension & Big Will Rosario) !

Check out this exclusive interview for Soundwave Radio:

kLEMENZ: Hello and welcome in AfterDark house ! I have invited you this Wednesday due to upcoming Mega Men 20th anniversary !

MEGAMEN: Thank you .. Its a pleasure to represent SWR and After Dark House, you guys stream the best mixes !!

kLEMENZ: So, whats all the fuss I am seeing around media about your dispute regarding original Mega Men name?

DJ Dimension: There is no dispute, yet circumstances have revealed themselves where we have to take responsibility for awareness in the respect for the MegaMen name which is one not to be just tossed around and abused by those who don’t deserve to be connected with our legacy… 

We are Megamen the original dancefloor innovators, so beware of MegaMen EDM perpetrators.. we are the MegaMen that will rock your mind, body and soul then take you out with the faders!

Big Will Rosario: Our legacy spans for more than 2 decades and we never left or never will!!!
The Original MegaMen name and movement is stronger than ever!!! We are here to claim our respect and restore our House music culture..

kLEMENZ: So please explain us who are Mega Men and throw us few facts!

DJ Dimension: Since 1998, MegaMen are the original electronic music dj team hailing from NYC. Big Will Rosario (90s House Music pioneer / Grammy recognized producer) and DJ Dimension have blazed a trail of underground NYC sound weaving a diverse blend of raw electronic flavor, originating Ghetto Soul Sessions, pioneering live streaming dj sets to the world and releases & licenses that span over 20 years ranging formats from vinyl, CD, mp3 and streaming music. We have also taken electronic music direct to the people when featured on Telemundo show The Roof as well on MTV 2 in the mid 2000’s.

kLEMENZ: So I v seen also some new upcoming releases? One on famous Nervous Records?

DJ Dimension: MegaMen have had a great anniversary year in 2018, blazing a combined label effort fusion of Sweatin Records & next dimension music unleashed 2AM Night Cap peaking at #1 on Traxsource Electro House top 100 and was selected to FRESH FINDS: BASEMENT Spotify editorial playlist based on music trends and data resulting in over 40K streams worldwide. Remaining focused as an independent label and unique entity remains to be top priority .

Big Will Rosario: We have also captured success hitting #10 Afro House Chart with Afro Tech Rhythm on Dope Wax and hit the top of the charts with “Praise His Name” … ending up this year on legendary Nervous Records is definitely gives us proper momentum as we unleash more bangers in 2019!

kLEMENZ: Any future plans we have to pay attention to or be aware of?

DJ Dimension: October 27 2018 at Solstice Barsmith which is the mecca of real House Music in Phoenix Arizona where we will celebrate 20 years, as Megamen step into the new wave. So while we have your attention .. simply stay tuned MegaMen NYC are on the move !

Big Will Rosario: MegaMen are always ready and we have lots of surprises that are out of the box coming your way, just keep your eye on our movement … MegaMen in effect !!

kLEMENZ: Thanx brutha Joseph & Will for having you on SWR, you’re more than welcome here!

MEGAMEN: Your welcome and thank you for the opportunity to slam SWR with our mix and be sure to stay connected with us at

Big Will Rosario & DJ Dimension
MegaMen NYC



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