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Written by on August 15, 2018

Dj Name: Bon Yerardo

Biography .: Bon Yerardo born in Guatemala, Central America, is a fresh face of the electronic music scene, since he was a teenager began his career in the media of his country on radio as an announcer and years later on television as a presenter.

He lived for several years in Mexico City from 2004 to 2011, part of those years he studied at Lamda school of electronic music, some years passed and Bon Yerardo would be invited to be part of the team of the Dj Concept magazine and Dj Concept TV specialized in electronic music, where I participate in several events, presentations and contest, officially began his career as a DJ since 2009.

His love and passion for electronic music would take him to seek new horizons, in 2013 he would move to Los Angeles to live a new adventure and give him the opportunity to play for some after-hours in clubs in the city like Exchange, Sound, The Room, among some others.

Bon Yerardo is currently based in West New York, where he has played sessions for Output, Stage 46 and other Brooklyn clubs.

Musical influences range from jazz, blues, alternative rock, funk, techno and dance of the 90’s and some sound of the 80`s. All this has made him a DJ who mixes and experiments with different sounds and rhythms.

His sessions are full of a dominant explosion of genres like, deep house, house, tech house and techno.

Check out Bons entry here :

Genre: Techno (all Styles)

Home Town: Summit, New Jersey

Nearest City: New York City.

Country of Residence: United State Of America.

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  1. Gian   On   September 2, 2018 at 21:05

    This guy a very particular style, I remember when he played at a club in LA I did not stop dancing, this dj has very good sound I love ..

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