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Emalka is through to the Live auditions of the Soundwave world tour

Written by on July 30, 2018


Biography ..: DJ / Composer born in 1985 in Lyon (France)

He starts taking music theory and drums lessons from an early age. He later joined several harmonic orchestras as a percussionist.

It was around the age of 16 that he began to take an interest in the world of DJs and shows. So, his first turntables are quickly appearing. After a few hours of hacking at home without much interest, it is in the evening that he is really learning.
His selections was at the time very varied, his main concern being to make the public dance. As and when, the electronic music takes more and more place during its performances until becoming its reference musical current.

He then founded with two friends the association “EleckTrip”, still existing. The aim of this association is to broadcast sound and visual sources in the field of electronic music. Thus, it occurs during many events as a DJ but also as a VJ. Most notable: Déstructuré, Cocoon, Yaka, Nuits Sonores, Electro Ferrade, Pomestival, Pearl, DeconneXion, Elektrokution, Electronic Afternoons.

He shares the stage with artists such as:

Matias Aguayo, Kiko, Ahmet Sendil, Atapy, Max the Dirty Kid, Miss Airie, Rickk’s, Yannis Becker aka Acid Soda, Rule, Franck of Villeneuve, Wavesonik, Steven Carrusca, Klément Bonelli …

As a VJ, he has the opportunity to decorate the background of Monika Kruse, Chris Dudzinski, Hard Floor, Anton’X, Cassy, ​​D. Diggler, Citizen Kain, Nakadia …

In 2009, he released his first song “Deeper Song” on the “Titanium Digital” and “Instudio Recordings” labels. He also works on several compositions and remixes for “Kube Recordings”. Some of his pieces: Meetings, Aurore, Bird Flight, Red Blood …

In 2010, he moved from the metropolis to settle in Reunion where he performed in places like: The Pot’irons, The Safari, The Hangover, The Kazbar, The Little Italy, The Recreate. He also joined the activist group “Clandestine” following a meeting with the Belgian DJ C-Bullon.

At the end of 2012, he created “Artisto Prod” in Reunion Island in order to promote art and culture, particularly electronic culture. He therefore withdrew from “Clandestine” to devote himself exclusively to Artisto Prod. As an organizer, he invites many local artists as well as some european artists such as Kolombo, Pedro Bucarelli, Vincent Naivin or Roswell.

Once again on the European continent since February 2018, Emalka is ready for new adventures and new projects.

In spite of the important time that it devotes to the organization of events, the facet DJ is always there.
Emalka has no musical label except “Electronic Music”, in each of his sets, a new story begins.

Check out the entry by Emalka right here:

Genre: Techno (all Styles)

Home Town: Lyon

Nearest City: Lyon

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