Born in Chicago of Puerto Rican descent, he was raised in Markham, IL from 1973 to 1986. As a child, he always had a penchant for music, always having some sort of music medium in his life (8 tracks, vinyl, and cassettes) ….so his mother planted him in classical piano lessons at the age of 5, which expanded to all percussion as he entered his teen years. Having been accustomed to Disco/Funk, he naturally moved to House music when Rodney “Murf E” Varnado introduced it to him in 1984. At that time, blending music started to take hold of him, as did collecting much more vinyl. When he moved back to Chicago in ’86, it was like starting with a clean slate, as old ties were left behind and new ones began to materialize.

He excelled in High School Advanced, Marching, and Concert bands as a drummer …until it was discovered that his main instrument was the piano. At that point he was recruited into Jazz Band, where he was awarded the Louis Armstrong Jazz award (an award given for best performance by a Senior). During that time, he rekindled his love for mixing and began doing it on more of a consistent basis, gaining attention at small private events and gatherings. It was at this time he tried making waves under the name Luis “Loco” Melecio, by graduation time. That was abandoned at the birth of his first child and was eventually changed to Dj Fuego. After some time, he abandoned the DJ arena altogether as he felt it was causing problems at home ….but that decision didn’t last long.

In 1999 he was back at it again (trying to revive his persona that was Dj Fuego) and was slowly gaining notice to the point of friends and coworkers booking him for their private events. In 2005, a fire in his house robbed him of all things, including his equipment (and almost his life). Having sensed a bit of irony with the name Fuego (fire), he kept it until he discovered numerous Dj Fuegos all over …including Chicago.

In 2009, Rodney “Murf E” Varnado introduced the Digital Dj notion to him, and once again his love for mixing was rekindled. Calling himself “Luiz Fueggo” he restarted with mini controllers, then larger more elaborate controllers. afterwhich he decided to go back to the Turntable movement …this time with the digital notion (as all of his vinyl was lost in the fire of 2005). Gaining more attention by way of integral connections such as, Victor Gonzalez, Dj XTC, April Discogoddess, Dj Lonnie B Soul, Dj Rocky Floyd, Dj Boozie, Dj International, Ready2Roc ent, and Dj Money (by whom he was recruited into the Global Music DJs), he had started to expand beyond the local arena into something a litttle larger.

Making acquaintences with legends such as Chip E, Marshall Jefferson, Craig Loftis, Curtis McClain, and Harry Dennis …his position in the House arena started to really solidify. Ultimately being introduced to Dj Geeza, he was invited to become a Soundwave Radio resident Dj and further extend his reach on the international platform.

Showing diversity in many different genres, he still holds true to his love of House/Dance music ….and still experiences it with a Child-like wonderment. Soon he will be expanding into the production arena, and plans to make his mark on the House genre itself.

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