DJ.MGS /Management Member of Sound Wave Radio. / USA Tech Manager / DJ

DJ and Audio/Technical Management Member of  Soundwave radio

  • DJ.MGS  aKa Mad Growling Scientist, has been Around the DJ.Scene from way back in the 90’s helping out set up equipment and audio gear ready for the show(s)
    Ragga/Jungle/Dubplate, Drum ‘n’ Bass Break beats-Juggle, Old School, Hard Dance.
    He also has been known to spin:  Funkie House and Tech House from time-to-time.
  • DJ.MGS has been DJ’ing for over 12 years, and has been with Soundwave radio
    Since the end of 2013.  He has DJ’ed for:  WoW  99.1 FM and KViT  90.7 FM  in the Past.
  • We are Glad, to be part of the Sound wave family, and ‘We are Glad You are here to’
    as we Continue to Grow Together, reaching out, across the Globe, playing you, the music, the way its meant to be Heard, by “You”,  its all about the Music.
  • Mix Links to his Shows:

         See flyer for Show Times 😉

  • Team SWR
    Rocking Your World

Current track

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