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Philip Eckett  aka Dj Geezzaa has been a dj since 1990 and the start of the UKs acid house era where he started an amazing career spinning tunes at free partys and illegal raves such as the famous Castle Morton free festival held in 1992

By the year 2000 he had massed a large following of supporters from the underground nightclubs accross the uk which followed him to a career Djing to mainstream nightclubs accross the world.
With the end of the acid house era approaching Dj Geezzaa made the change over to the main stream clubs bringing his underground sounds to clubs like , Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Amnesia , 414, The Brixton Fridge, Brixton acadamy, Club-uk, Bagleys to name just a few.
Geezzaa became a hit in 2010 accross Europe after following in the Psytrance genre and playing at clubs like Escape, la Rouge ,10/10 and festivals like Christonia, Soundbar, Antiboom and Krunch.

The Paytrance boom had a major influence on Geezzaa as he travelled to many countrys bring his unique vibe to the masses.



Since 2014 Geezzaa has continued his musical career by starting the now famous Soundwave Radio , with a collection of high quality Djs Souundwave has continued bring underground music to the world.

Number 1s .
Since 2014 Dj Geezzaa has amassed several Number 1 albums in the mixcloud charts and every submitted album has been placed in the top 50


Magic Mushroom Madness Ball.


Other Music sets 

Current track

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