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[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. √Čletrajz The in Munich-based musician and producer Somnia discovered the djing in 2009 !! After his first giggs he quickly realized that he would find his new home in the techno scene in Munich. So Somnia started under the stage name Tom Le Fogue in the […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Ive been djing since I was 16 years old and at the ripe old age of 39 Ive still not lost the buzz from it. I am heavily influenced by mid 90s piano fuelled house music and search tirelessly to find tracks that fit that sound. I currently host a slot […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Dj RasDru ,music lover from an early age .Listened to all genres which has really shaped my Dj career .Started Professional Djing in 2013 based In Dubai UAE . I play all popular genres (openformat) but i am able to deliver one set of a specific genre as well . Check […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Greetings , My name is Gabriel ,i live in Belgium ( Bruxelles ) and i am 30 years old. I was born in Romania but i live here for 18 years now. Music was always around me in different styles genres but i had to travel and discover the treasures , […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. DJ Starmist is Sturla T Sivertsen from Kristiansund Norway. Host BIOGRAPHY: Sturla T Sivertsen, the 32 year old which is more commonly known in the music business as DJ Starmist (also only Starmist) or Klubb Musix to a lot of people, is an artist, producer and DJ with an extremely special […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Hi i am dj A.Tudor and i am a am from Romania but i am based in London. I start my dj carrier at London Sound Academy. After i finish all my dj courses i become resident dj for Love United at clubs like Ministry of Sound and Egg London. Also […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. TAHAR Love Electro Music from a young age, I’m embedded in electronic music since 2006, the time is past, and here in 2009 this young DJ started making bootlegs using music and song that it loved most.And Now He Want To Prove his Passion and Talent .         […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. House, Techno and EDM DJ of over 5 years looking for a break to be able to make people dance for a living. Found a loving of working the decks whilst serving in the British army, DJing for corridor parties and military functions. Later began creating mixes for social media websites […]

My real name is Antonio but friends called Murdock there is why Er-murdock I was borne in Andalucia(South Spain) and grow with rock and Flamenco music Since I moved to London in 1994 and meet the underground party raves and influenced by acid TB-303 sound spread to many music genre Been learning to DJ with […]

Started dj in 2010 and since then I have played at all of the main club’s here in Reykjavik and also played all of the (electronic music) radio shows and was a host of one. And I have played at a club in Spain and a radio show in London.           […]

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