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Dj Name: HotzenPlotz Biography .: Info HotzenPlotz style is clearly Twilight Psychedelic, Progressive, Forest and DarkProg Biografie Emre S. at the age of 12 he started to learn the drums. When he was 16 he had already heard some styles of Goa trance from Morning Psy to Dark but it was at 18 he went to his […]

Dj Name: Deniz Baglan Biography .: Hi Soundwave Fam,Im Deniz. I have so many project to provemyself but im living in Turkey and Turkey is not let artists prove themselves. İ started music on 2015. When i was start music,i was in a community. Its Drept and Drept is first techno community in Turkey. İ quit from […]

Dj Name: DeeAfro Email: Website: Biography .: DeeAfro has been Djing in clubs since the age of 18 and the passion for music just got bigger she started on radio and has played a number of stations over the years. and holds a few residency’s at club aquarium in-between international gigs. Back tracking 3 years now DeeAfro […]

Dj Name: Mary Djaezz Biography .: Mary Djæzz is a female DJ from Oslo​ Norway​, who plays techno, tech house​,​​​​​​ minimal​, deep house and sometimes progressive house. She’s fond of the mysterious, dark sounds​ and has played at several clubs and events in the Norwegian underground scene​ over the years.         Check out Marys […]

Dj Name: Christian S. Biography .: My name is Christian Stanciulescu i am originaly from Romania but now i leave in Sweden.I was start djing about 5 year ago when i have byued my first mixer and cdj-s and when i have start playing it feld like a release llike freedom every time i was playing i […]

Dj Name: Dj vit Biography .: Vit was born in Portugal and recently moved to Canada. Vit began to become interested in the art of djing around 2000, lover of house, techno and trance music he has already done work in several private parties and camps dedicated to the musical style and in some bars. Currently DJ […]

Soundwave Worldwide Auditions. Attention! Attention! Soundwave are looking for the cream of the crop to represent there country in the Soundwave World tour. We will be jetting our winners to UK, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and South Africa to perform at the Soundwave Events. Auditions are being held throughout the world in every major […]

Dj Name: Chutney Rebel Biography .: Chutney Rebel is a project started by the astral traveler, psychedelic shamanist & psyche explorer Mohammed Sharook to induce the highest sensory applications of psychedelic trance in a controlled environment. His DJing style ranges from the grooviest of bass-heavy progressive psytrance to the heavenly gates of full-on psytrance. You know you […]

Dj Name: German Navarro Biography .: I have been pounding electric guitars and composing since I was fourteen. In the 80 decade, I was part of several bands with little success, but from which came some of the best musicians of Granada at the time. At the end of that decade, I started my career with Desorden […]

Dj Name: Psytronic Biography.: Psytronic is a Psytrance Producer from India presently based out of Bengaluru. He is a self-taught DJ and a Producer and has been doing this since 2012. His sounds range from melodic progressive Psytrance to the twisted sounds of twilight and night full-on. Psytronic has shared the stage with major International Acts like […]

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