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Soundwave world tour auditions. Born in Catania thirty-three years ago, Paolo graduated in Multimedia Communication in Sicily. At the University of Catania he has held several creative writing workshops and local radio stations. He always had a passion for digital music from an early age when he attended the dj clinic in Gatteo Mare (Forlì) […]

TEMMY – international DJ & producer – based in Hannover, Germany – one of the most popular Club-Artists in Germany and Netherlands – playing his sets in the best European clubs – Resident of Russian Lovers Label, Amsterdam, Netherlands – – – Radio rotations in Germany, Netherland, Belgium, UK, France, Russia and Ukraine Label Releases […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. When I started to play music, SL1200MK2 was only the idea by Technics engineers. (1979) Since then, I orbited the sun 39 times, changed seasons 156 times and completed 2.7058e+11 km traveling with a solar system. If you like what you hear, maybe there is an […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. DASQ (real name : Davidescu Andrei) is an romanian electronic music artist and dj since 2006. Genres : Tech House, Techno, Progressive               Check out DASQ`s entry here Genre Techno (all Styles) Home Town Ramnciu Valcea Nearest City Ramnciu […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. From Bucharest Romania , producing music for SYNDICATE Records | OLE Records | Society Music Recordings |MTDN Audio Recordings. Recently launched “TK” “Equilibrium” “Recent Story” and several remixes and solo tracks. DJïng for almost 4 years and having a unique style with a range of genre […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Hi.. this is a message in Web not in a bottle…. and is 4 real music lovers , for all who believe music are endless and doesn’t start or stop to any kind of music style like the electronic, dance, pro, techno, deep house & much more… I have walk through […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. In 2013, his love of electronic music led him to launch the Jandee music project. After an orientation phase, he gradually developed a style that is sometimes uncompromising, but never without heart. In his driving sets he knows how to mix different genres that the unique […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. Életrajz The in Munich-based musician and producer Somnia discovered the djing in 2009 !! After his first giggs he quickly realized that he would find his new home in the techno scene in Munich. So Somnia started under the stage name Tom Le Fogue in the […]

 Soundwave Radio World tour. Born and raised in Rome, he begins at young age to frequent the most famous techno’s clubs in Rome such as Rashõmon, Goa, Ex Dogana and Spazio 900 where he felt in love with Techno music. Right away he starts producing music at home by himself , meanwhile he continue to […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Greetings , My name is Gabriel ,i live in Belgium ( Bruxelles ) and i am 30 years old. I was born in Romania but i live here for 18 years now. Music was always around me in different styles genres but i had to travel and discover the treasures , […]

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