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Soundwave world tour auditions. Ministry began his career as a DJ in 2009. Since that time, he played in almost every club in Chisinau, Moldova and Romania. The main music style now is an absolutely various house. Ministry has an unique perfoming style, he is one of the DJs who will make you dance non-stop […]

C.K. aka Edgar Montez stormed into the psychedelic trance scene just over a year ago – but since his entry – it’s fair to say he’s made quite an impact! As well as scooping a residency for Tribalism Radio & Cohesion Psy-party; C.K. already has a very respectable gigging history that any psy-trance veteran would […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. Introducing Form 696 🙌 Bringing a refreshing sound to UKG with a whole heap of top quality productions coming through over the past 12 months along with some of our favourite mixes that have not left our playlist since the day we heard them! Expect Form 696 to […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. i have many years experience to play music and my kind is progressive trance and some hitech befor i was play in greece and iran and now im in manchester                 Check out the entry by Amir Genre […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. After playing a few open decks night at Club Castro’s in Bristol, Dj Gzmo got is first gig a few years ago. Since then he as manged to play along side some big names in the hard dance Circuit, with the likes of Amber d, Vinlygroover, Miss Behav’in, Dave Randell, Glenn […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. In the worlds before Wez, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order. But the phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown. The four worlds formed again and yet again, As endless aeons wheeled and passed. Time and the pure essences of Heaven, the moisture of […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. I’m a techno DJ I’ve been DJing and promoting around London for almost 20 years. I could created Zoology that ran monthly for 10 years at club 414, I co-founded TechStyle that ran for several years around London. I currently promote Sonance which runs at Cell […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Ive been djing since I was 16 years old and at the ripe old age of 39 Ive still not lost the buzz from it. I am heavily influenced by mid 90s piano fuelled house music and search tirelessly to find tracks that fit that sound. I currently host a slot […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. Hi i am dj A.Tudor and i am a am from Romania but i am based in London. I start my dj carrier at London Sound Academy. After i finish all my dj courses i become resident dj for Love United at clubs like Ministry of Sound and Egg London. Also […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. House, Techno and EDM DJ of over 5 years looking for a break to be able to make people dance for a living. Found a loving of working the decks whilst serving in the British army, DJing for corridor parties and military functions. Later began creating mixes for social media websites […]

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