3star found Electronic music in his late teens while living in the Azores. It was a melting pot of the sorts with the different types. He moved back to the United States in 99 and attended a party that changed his life forever. Shortly after that he was on the old wheels of steel, playing […]

Dj Dyrho is a South African music producer and composer hailing from the shores of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape. He has made his intro in the industry as founder of Reel Gruv, a trio that made its mark with a single titled “Supernatural Love”. Later after the success of Reel Gruv, Dyrho landed […]

Tanya DJ has been Djing for the past 3 years. He is  not a genre specific DJ and has learnt to be able to adapt to a variety of crowds. Check out Tanyas mix here and let us know what you think Help Tanya Dj  achieve his dreams, Please check out his entry  and leave […]

Insane Fury is the latest pick for for our world tour   Insane fury Started DJing in 2012, and moved to Music Production and Live performance in 2016. Being into production, things got exciting as theres no boundry to frequency and genres. Projects in various genres like TECHNO, CHILLOUT, PSYCHEDELIC…. are lined to be released soon. […]

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Would you like to win a place on the Soundwave Radio World tour heading in the next 6 months to , China, Japan, Thailand, New Zealand and Europe and also in our Return tour around South Africa. This is a once in a life time opportunity for any inspiring Dj. The Auditions are open to […]

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