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Prime time techno with the techno warp show. Dj LimaZulu will be presenting an hour of Deep, Minimal, Dark Techno. Dont miss it!! Stefa Varga, Phonic Scoupe, Helios, Carlos Mariano, are some of the featuring artists.  

  One hour of pure Minimal – Deep – Dark Techno Music. Tune in every Friday 9:00 PM UK 23:00 Athens 20:00 Berlin This weeks show will present artists like, Cris Celiz, Kelvin Lukas, Lessovky, Alias Uk,  and more.

This week Psychannels resident  DJ F-Sieben takes control of the Afterdark Psytrance show for a super special extravaganza  of tunes. lock in on Soundwave 92.3fm or internet Friday night Midnight till 2am.

Soundwave Radio would like to welcome its newest Dj Steven Fox who will be hosting the Thursday edition of the Afterdark techno Show. Lock on @ 92.3fm or Soundwaves website Thursday 16th Nov at 8pm to hear Stevens amazing talents in his debut show.

One hour of pure Minimal – Deep – Dark Techno Music.

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