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Live From, The City of Leeuwarden AKA Psy-Fi City The Netherlands Mr.P(sychedelic) Soundwave Resident At, 00.00 GMT/01.00 CET Tune in for London 92.3 Fm Tune in For The World,

Dj Name: C Fly / Cosmic Fly Biography.: DJ C FLY/ Cosmic Fly Biography as C Fly Techno,DeepTech, as Cosmic Fly Trance, PsyTrance,Retro Trance Playing with Vinyl,CDs,USB and Digital C Fly born as Marcel Joss 11/15/1975 startet his DJ career at age 14 when he bought his first trance vinyl LP. Back then he did a DJ […]

The Vibe. Only on Psychedelic Soundwave

Dj Name: Attika Biography .: Attika (37) is a Hungarian born DJ / Mixing performer from Leeds, United kingdom He always been close to electronic music since the beginning of 90’s. He was a big fan of Depeche Mode and EBM groups then the 90’s pop-rave groups like the German Scooter and the well know big Trance […]

Dj Name: S8enis Biography of yourself.: Dimosthenis Zafiriadis aka DJ S8enis was born in Serres and grow up in Thessaloniki – Greece. His love for music dates back in the year of 2002. He’s been drifting through various genres of electronic music, started from house and progressive house and now his genre is Progressive Trance. Soon he […]

Live From, The European Capital of Culture 2018, The City of Leeuwarden The Netherlands AKA Psy-Fi City Mr.P(sychedelic) Soundwave Resident At, 00.00 GMT/01.00 CET Tune in for London 92.3 Fm Tune in For The World,

I have been dj’ng for about 15 yrs now. I started out on vinyls playing hard trance as a side hobby since I love music so much. Since moving to Cape Town in 2010 I discovered Psy Trance and what it stands for, I was immediately attracted to the scene. Since then I have been […]

C.K. aka Edgar Montez stormed into the psychedelic trance scene just over a year ago – but since his entry – it’s fair to say he’s made quite an impact! As well as scooping a residency for Tribalism Radio & Cohesion Psy-party; C.K. already has a very respectable gigging history that any psy-trance veteran would […]

[Soundwave Radio 92.3fm] Soundwave Radio World tour artist application. i have many years experience to play music and my kind is progressive trance and some hitech befor i was play in greece and iran and now im in manchester                 Check out the entry by Amir Genre […]

Check out our live Audition Music is not only my inspiration but my reason for existence, I’m a man of various talents though I harbor great passion for music and music only. I mix a large variety of music from Psychedelic, progressive house, Deep House Tech House; the list is endless. All said and done, […]

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