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Today progressive, psytrance & full-on 138-140bpm brand new tunes-Pulsar, Ilai, Funky Dragon and many more…

Black Friday special!! Yes, dear valued listener, today – and today only, we’re handing out a whole bunch of extra beats per minute ABSOLUTELY FREE! So tune in to Psychedelic Soundwave this Friday (24th Nov), where I’ll be upping the tempo, and dishing out 2 hours of foot stompin’, bum wigglin’, knees up, full-on psychedelic […]

VibeGuy Mr.P(sychedelic)  Live from, The European Capital of Culture 2018 on

Mr.P(sychedelic) Live @ 00.00 GMT/01.00 CET Tune in for London 92.3 FM Tune in for The World,

Today Progressive, PsyTrance, Full-On, Goa 134-145BPM

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Afterdark Psytrance on Soundwave Radio hosted by Guest DJ F-Sieben. Have Fun all.

Tune in for London 92.3 FM Tune in for The World,

If you are a Psytrance or Goa Dj and are looking for regular Slots on a very busy radio station based in London, Then Soundwave would like to hear from you . We are currently recruiting Djs from all around the world that meet our strict criteria.   Must be reliable Must have a microphone […]

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