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Sound Kleckse Radio Show with Jens Mueller 31.07.2018 – 7pm

Dj Name: EMALKA Biography ..: DJ / Composer born in 1985 in Lyon (France) He starts taking music theory and drums lessons from an early age. He later joined several harmonic orchestras as a percussionist. It was around the age of 16 that he began to take an interest in the world of DJs and shows. So, […]

Dj Name: Aperu Biography .: The introduction in musical journey was maded by production of electronic music with pc software in 2009. Passion for vinyl’s and synthesisers,2011 lead that the artist started mixing various music and music took a place in the artist life as an lifestyle. Mainly,now hes focused on the ideas and succes of the […]

After Dark Techno two hours Techno selection by Dab on Every monday from 10pm (London time) Reloaded on techno channel every thursday from 07pm (London time) and every sunday from 00am (London time) Missed the show ???

Dj Name: Captain Corruption Biography .: Got my first set of 1210’s in 1988. Was into the rave scene in the beginning then moved to hardcore and gabber. After that I started playing trance and techno. I have played at a few small parties throughout the years nothing special. I gave it all up when my son […]

Dj Name: DJT 2000 Biography .: leigh tindall has been lurking around the techno scene for some years he started off at the ORBIT Morley over 10 years ago his passion for techno music grew and grew.He started going buying the latest techno vinyl in leeds (inner-city records)for many years and built his collection inspired by […]

Dj Name: Caesar Biography .: With the experience of more than 8 years caesar has been making his mark all over india and overseas. His hypnotic grooves of techno is unstoppable. Check out the entry by Caesar: Genre: Techno (all Styles) Home Town: Chennai Nearest City: Chennai Country of Residence: India

Dj Name: luno maro Biography .: “luno maro” aka Walter Baeyens his real name, based in Belguim, fell in love with music during his childhood listening to a refined selection of soul, funk, disco, latin, world, jazz, new wave, rock, pop and hiphop. In the late 80’s luno maro started playing music himself, the basics he learned […]

Dj Name: Beat8 Biography .: BEAT8 is a DJ from Constanta, Romania, that only has one dream :to make people have a good time and dance on his music .His first contact with electronic music was when he had 16 years old and he recived as a gift the Gatecrasher Live in Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur CD […]

Dj Name: PQRX Biography .: From Mexico City, PQRX is a lawyer and passionate dj that lovely the electronic music since 12 years old. He started played in his bedroom and some parties of his friends aproximaatly 10 years ago. In 2017 he was winner of Burn Residency in his country, so was one of the 26 […]

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