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Miss J, Phunkphonic, Speaker spankers!

Miss J, S33k3r & Brian Beat bring the heat! Dnb, house & spanks! Live from USA

Miss J Speaker Spankers- dnbass, house, talk & spank from usa!

Miss J, Phunkphonic & Speaker Spanker crew! Live from USA & touring South Africa now Get Nasty & Mr Stitch! reppin best in dnb, house & globe spankin’! Love rules

with Miss J , Phunkphonic & SynEater

miss j, phunkphonic, jts “jake the snake” slitherin’ house, dnb, funtalk & spanks

Missj, Phunkphonic, speakerspankers & Tracksploitation. yes.

Miss J Speaker Spanker crew with live from 2step tuesday, Miss J & Dj Chris Nature!

Miss J and Speaker Spankers

Miss J & Speaker Spankers host GPK & Colin Pierce! Dnb, house, fun talk & spanks live from USA! Happy Birthday James Daw!

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