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Starting your Sunday afternoon off right… 2 hours of techy goodness from ya boy Mr. Stitch. We’ve got promo’s, classics, and tracks you’ve never heard before… so tune in to 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London if you’re in the area or WORLDWIDE at   The Tech House Show Hosted by Mr. Stitch Wednesday’s 6:00-8:00 […]

It’s Saturday 4:00 PM in London, 11:00 AM here in Pimpsburgh, Pimpsylvania and that means it’s time for The House Show Hosted by SoulGlo! So keep it locked right here on 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London if you’re in the area or WORLDWIDE at for 4 hours of House music goods to get your […]


December 1, 2018

A.D. Ragga Jungle JAM With The M .\ D Growling SCiENTiST Vol. 80 ‘Into The Ragga-Jungle’M.\D Growling SCiENTiST Brings you the Sounds Of Ragga Jungle With This Mixed set Of Ragga Fused with Jungle & Something for the Lovers out there, Thank you To One and ALL that Checked in on the Live Show on […]


December 1, 2018

After Dark Jungle Jam With DJ.MGS  you Ready For Another Epic Ragga Jungle Session,  Lets make some Noise tonight if you wanna get on board this Train Its Leaving the Station at 9pm EST USA, Shout outs along the way, You to can Join in on the fun by  using the message App below and […]


November 29, 2018

A.D. d’N’b with Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Vol.79 “EPOCH”  Stretching out Across the Void, and Reaching out to All Drum n Bass Heads, This ones for you! Epic 2 hr of pure Vibe, Packed with non stop d’N’b This is what you get, when you try and pack a 10lb load into a 5lb bag, an […]

[ Soundwave Radio and its panel of DJ’s, are Looking for Venue(s) to Play at ] Do you Love Drum ‘n’ Bass? you DO! Tune in tonight 9 pm USA EST 🎚 After Dark Drum ‘n’ Bass, with the M .\ D Growling SCi3NTiST  🎚 is Going to Crank up the Volume and Hit the […]

It’s Wednesday, Nect3r just got off the air, and that means it’s time for The Tech House Show Hosted by Mr. Stitch. Tune in on 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London WORLDWIDE for 2 hours of techy goodness!   Cheers,   Stitch

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November 26, 2018

afterdark dnb miss j speakerspanker


November 24, 2018

🎧A.D. Jungle JAM With DJ.MGS Vol.78 “BAS3 FAS3”🎧 Known for his Jungle Jam with the M.\D Growling SCi3NTiST, Rolling out some old and new Ragga Jungle/Ska/DubPlate just for you to get down to, Fun packed show, yes to the person that asked This is a Live Show each and every single week and we do […]

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