After D/\RK Jungle J/\M With DJ.MGS Tonight, Yes,, The Weekend is Here!!, Woo Hoo,  You’ve, heard that Right! Time to let ya Hair down, and put on ya Dancing shoe’s and Tune in to The Mad Growling Scientist getting Down on  on 92.3 FM  Spinning some of the Hottest. Coolest old and nuest 😉  […]

/\FTER D/\RK Drum ‘n’ Bass With DJ. Mad Growling Scientist will keeping you entertained for your Drum ‘n’ Bass Mid Week J/\M, keep it Locked n Loaded on Let’s Wobble on … Join us \/\/0RlD \/\/idE WHEN: Wed Night: 9 Pm N.Y. USA. Or. Tune in’s:           […]

Miss J, Phunkphonic & Speaker Spankers!

After D/\RK Jungle J/\M With DJ.MGS, Yes,, that’s right,, The Weekend is Here!!! Time to let ya Hair down and Get ya Wiggle ON, Jungle J/\M Style!! as his going to by Laying down some H O T  J/\M’s  4  U,  So, Tune in to The Mad Growling Scientist  Tonight on 92.3 FM See Flyer […]

THASH has been in the DJ scene since early 2015. Inspired by the UK based House/Techno legend CARL COX, THASH has performed in a multitude of venues, rocking crowds both young and old with his unique set of track selection – mainly a wide array of House music blended in with bass-thumping Techno. Having already […]

After Dark Mid-Week DRUM ‘n’ BASS With DJ.MGS and FreeSkySound, They will be in Full Swing and Spinning Some of the Hottest Drum ‘n’ Bass and All heading to a Speaker near You,  When: Wed:  9 Pm N.Y.  USA. || Thursday: 0200 London. Uk. || Time to Get ya… “Wiggle On” Drum n Bass Style… […]

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