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This week Psychannels resident  DJ F-Sieben takes control of the Afterdark Psytrance show for a super special extravaganza  of tunes. lock in on Soundwave 92.3fm or internet Friday night Midnight till 2am.

Speaker Spanking it like a pro Miss J and crew reppin from USA and supporting Earth come live and direct in your holes weekly! Phunkphonic, Mr Stitch, Big bird and all the royal subjects drop the latest, the greatest, the weirdest house, dnb, fun talk, unexpectedness and live spankins for the good of all that […]

This week you are definitely going to want to stick around for hours 3 & 4 as we have a guest mix from an amazing DJ with a resume to back it up 20/20 Editions & Resonance Records artist Salvione!  This is the first of three guest mixes that were recorded LIVE at Black’s Farm […]

After Dark Techno two hours Techno selection by Dab on Every monday from 10pm (London time) Reloaded on techno channel every thursday from 07pm (London time) and every sunday from 00am (London time) Missed the show ???

Follow Starf: Follow Cyberluke: About Starf (D.M.T. Records / Harmony Rec. / Ufo Bufo festival / Otrozona crew): Scannt is a day-dreamer fascinated by sound, be it natural ambience or synthetic textures. He focuses on hypnotic and atmospheric elements accompanied by slow, sometimes glitchy beats that translate into a tranquil feelings. The project was created […]

Tune in from midnight GMT for episode 7 of my weekly journey through progressive psy trance. As it’s close to Halloween expect some dark tracks, and off the cuff back to back mixing with a surprise guest Dj in the studio.

SoulGlo (Mr. Stitch and Adam Oliveri) are on the decks at 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London for 4 hours of uninterrupted House goodness to start your Saturday evening off right! SoulGlo plays live every Saturday from 11am – 3pm EST – 16:00-20:00 UTC on and 92.3FM London. This week you are definitely going to want to stick around […]

After Dark Miss J Speaker Spankers bring you drum and bass, house, techno, weird stuff, fun talk and live spankings! Lots of fun and unlike anything you have ever heard before! Long time crew friend and amazing dj Casey Cloonan will be joining the show tonight with an epic house/tech/progressive set! Love and respect to […]

After Dark Miss J Speaker Spankers! Ready for house, drum and bass, techno, remixes, fun talk and spanks!!! Join us live from USA with guest DJ Andre Shrock and his fantastic house set! Tues UK 12-4GMT in London and mon 7-11pm NY time zone.

92.3 Fm Sound Wave Radio After Dark With DJ.MGS, Spinning Drum ‘n’ Bass, a mixture from Light to Funkie Beats to Heavy Drum Lines, With Rusty B,  From  Germany on Segment Two,   Let’s  \W/obble on …   Join  us  \W/0RlD \W/idE  on 92.3 Fm, London  -:  Less – Talk  More  BANG, 4 YA B0OM BoX!!! […]

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