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It’s Sunday 4:00 PM in London, 11:00 AM in Pimpsburgh, Pimpslvania and you know what that means…. its time for The Tech House Show

Four hours of uninterrupted House goodness to keep your Saturday moving in the right direction! The House Show Hosted by SoulGlo – Saturday’s 4:00-8:00 PM GMT – 11:00AM-3:00PM EST on 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London WORLDWIDE Keep it locked!

Jeff Hax is playing Live on Soundwave Radio FM 92.3 Saturday Night 01 December 2018! Due to some issues with the audio last week I’m gonna use the same tracks again tonight. New Hardware has been added and installed,  Audio issues has been solved. Tonight’s Session with support from: Oprak, Beliaal, Amee, Dmux, Seqwenzer, Drunken […]

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December 15, 2018

AFTER  DARK  Jungle  JAM With  M .\ D  Growling  SCi3NTiST  Vol. 84  ‘Ragga in-my Jungle’ DJ.MGS Letting Lose on the D33CKs, with some old friendly’s Tunes to wiggle ya butt of to and something New, Jam out to the Ragga Jungle sound 😉 Have a Safe, Wonderful and Blessed Weekend, Thank you To One and […]

After Dark Jungle Jam With M/\D Growling SCi3NTiST Every ‘D’n’B Wednesdays’ and,  ‘Ragga Jungle Friday’ oh Wait, that means its Friday today… well Tune in tonight 9 PM  NYC  EST 😉 Let’s see if we can make some Noise, get some Thumbs up, Party on and Shake ya Bootie, if you wanna get on this […]

A.D. d’N’b with Mad Growling SCi3NTiST Vol.83 Reaching out to All Drum n Bass Heads, d’N’b with Mad Growling SCi3NTiST+ Guest Mix Green Gattler Vol. 83 Banging out more drum n bass than your mom in-law can handle 😉  DJ.MGS locates some of the finest d’N’b Tunes from around the Globe and if that aint […]

🎚 After Dark Drum ‘n’ Bass, with the M .\ D Growling SCi3NTiST  Spinning the wheels of steel for you on This day, and His back once more for another Bash Tonight Guest mix “The Green Gattler” from South Africa…. all heading your way 9Pm EST USA to a “Squeaker” Near you!  Enjoy.  M.\D Growling […]

Ooops, sorry!! kLEMENZ will be LIVE next week, due to unexpected issues!

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