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The boys are BACK! The highlander returns and is ready to throw down! The House Show Hosted by SoulGlo | Saturday’s 6:00-8:00 PM GMT – 1:00-3:00 PM EST | 92.3 FM Soundwave Radio London | WORLDWIDE  

Join in from 4pm UK, 5PM France/Spain, 11 AM Canada, 8am LA, 11AM NYC and 5pm South Africa to name a few for 2 hours non stop underground house for your Soundwave Saturday Soundtrack. Join in on 92.3FM London, on the Residents Channel on and via the Tune In app

Deep Progressive House LIVE in the mix with RUGGIDBEATS

Click / Tap to Play Now: 92.3 FM SWR Presents: Mad Growling SCi3NTiST drum’N’bass SessionsVol.33 on: 24.Arp.2019 @ 9 Pm NYC Be sure to Tune in Each and Every Wed 9 Pm EST: No Guest mix this week but fear not, Epic mixing is on the way Rocking you Out for the next 2 hours, […]

1,2,3… R.U.READY?  92.3 FM SWR Presents: Mad Growling SCi3NTiST drum’N’bass Sessions hi Guys help me out if you can we Would really appreciate your putting this dN’b Flyer onto your DJ/dnb Group(s) many thanks for the support in the music and Big Ups on this Date: 24.Arp.2019 @ 9 Pm NYC Get Ready! We hear […]

24 Arp..2019 After Noon / Eve All, HouseZ WorkX By: DJ.MGS Yes! You Read that Correctly coming in Hot 🔥 and Still ‘Bring the ‘BanG’ to ya Game🔥 check out the show, Right here on Right After ‘NECT3R’s House Show‘ you can Hear the Station via the tune in App: Tune in will be […]

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April 23, 2019

Tonight on from 8pm #trance #upliftingtrance #vocaltrance #techtrance #progressivetrance Episode 066 of After Dark Trance. Featuring some of the latest available and promo tracks from the best artists in the Trance family. A big thank to all artists and to my growing listeners. I hope you all can join me once more on a Trance journey to 138 and beyond. […]

Sound Kleckse Radio Show with Jens Mueller 23.04.2019

Hey there peeps, we are back this Saturday with another glorious edition of Chicago Houseware Live, with ya boi GMDJ Luiz Fueggo ! 2 hours of the Bang up kind of House with Luiz Fueggo beatin it for the first hour ! For the second half, we have our great guest Dj X T […]

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