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Sound Kleckse Radio Show with Diana Rush 26.12.2017 – 6p.m.   www.soundkleckse.com

Thank you Psychedelic Friends for the Support IN 2017. This Show Is Dedicated to All Off You. Tune in London 92.3 Fm Tune in for The World, soundwaveradio.net

Enjoy my Set Angel and Devil and fly high with best of Psychedelic Trance Music to feel the Vibes . Tune In Today from Berlin Time 20.00 to 22.00 o clock .

Catch Dj Geezzaa`s Afternoon techno show , Today Geezzaa brings you a host of exclusive new tracks and 3 unreleased  tracks in this ever popular techno chart show. If you want a shoutout or request please contact Geezzaa. Remember the show starts 4pm – 6pm gmt Fridays

Fridays at Midnight on the House Channel, start your after dark sessions with all things deep. Tech house, deep house, minimal, flow. Its always a Journey.

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