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Author: dreanix

We are live tonight with your host Dreanix, joined by a special guest to kick us off: Jon Gordon, who recently hit #7 on Beatport’s techno chart with a release on Rebel House records. First session is up with some kicked up tech house and breaks

The new edition of the Early Morning House Show debuts tonight with your new host, Dreanix. We’ll be kicking things off tonight with some deep tech house vibes and bassy minimal from the A-list folder. 0200-0400 GMT (9-11 EST)

Journeys is moving to the Early Morning House Show! Get your fix of all things house Fridays 0200 – 0400 GMT, Thursday 9-11pm EST with your host, Dreanix

Fridays 7 EST, Midnight London, House Channel

Deep disco groove, classic funky sounds in a laid back loungey flow. Diggit. Journey with us Fridays, 7-9 EST, Midnight GMT, for the many faces of deep house, and see where we go

Catch Journeys live at its new time, Fridays 7-9pm EST, Midnight GMT. Deep House, Tech House, Flow.

House Channel Friday 7-9 EST, Midnight GMT Experience the flow of deep, bass, tech, and soul. Take the Journey.

Journeys is a live flow of deep, progressive, and tech house styles on the House of Soundwave. This week, its all TRIBAL with this special trancy set. Journeys is moving to Fridays April 5th, 7PM EST, Midnight London, on the House of Soundwave’s all live friday lineup!

Deep and minimal with a funky vibe for this week’s Journeys. Tune in for more of the deep Fridays Midnight GMT (Thursdays 7pm EST) on The House of Soundwave