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You can’t keep a good marsupial down! Tonight, AwsumPawsm returns after having some rather drastic dental surgery done and a longer than planned recovery period… On the plus side, AP has had a lot of planning and research time… For you the listener this means a good time should be had by all… Expect the […]

Teh Groooove is Backkkk! The funkiest marsupial is once again THROWING DOWN THE JAMS… 2 Hrs of the most eclectic sounds by one of the most eclectic DJs… How could it get any better??? 9PM EST/ 2AM GMT Saturday Be Sure To Tune In!  

You know how we do….funk and groove the way its meant to be! The groovy marsupial brings you the best in eclectic house, and tonight is no exception! Prepare thyself to be moved… The Cut ‘N Paste Guest Mix comes from Derbyshire, UK tonight with Sam Watmore! Watmore is always bringing the grooves, whether it […]

Another week…Another killer show… AwsumPawsm goes deeper and darker…but still brings the groove… Hotmood is the biggest name to come on the Cut ‘N Paste programme, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Hotmood always brings the phonk…and this show is proof positive! If you miss this one…we can’t help you…we just can’t… Tune in here: […]

The Funky Marsupial is back to throw down ya’ll! Funk and Grooves for all the crazy kiddos out there! This week, the guest mix comes all the way from the south of France… Chevals (a name to remember, folks) is giving us the feels…THE GOOD FEELS…. Missing this is NOT ADVISED… Feel like grooving? Then […]

New website…New station… Same Hotness! Join AwsumPawsm tonight as he takes us down the rabbit hole once again… Tonight, the funky marsupial is super stoked to bring his friend from North Wales… Luke Bartlett! You can’t miss this one, as the Melodic Distraction house-meister takes us all on a funk-filled journey of house like you […]

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