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  House AfterDark w/ Charbonneau & botanicus airs tonight from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, featuring DJ Paul Knox Join us for Taco Tuesday and Tight Tunes! Tune in to the Main Channel of and 92.3 FM in London on: 10PM – 12 ET on March 13. 2-4 AM GMT on Wednesdays We would love your […]

This week is the 1-year anniversary of The Mixdown w/ botanicus and will be the final show on the house channel. botanicus will be moving to the Residents Channel of SoundwaveRadio (which also broadcasts on 92.3 FM in London!!!) botanicus is the musical manifestation of the natural world. Deep, rich, and melodic vibes will propel […]

Nect3r is in the Pitt so botanicus is hopping on Wednesday for the SWR Afternoon House Show. botanicus is a producer and DJ based in Minneapolis. His affinity is for rich and melodic tunes that progress and emote. The special guest for this show will be the very talented Spike Stephens (St. Louis, Spin Cycle). […]

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