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Oh yeah this week Nect3r is bringing it a little different for you get ready for some tech house. Nect3r will be bringing you some of the hottest newest Tech house around plus some classics. As always some house and techno mixed in.

Nect3r is coming at you with another amazing show. This week some blazing house, tech house and techno tracks are coming at you. Make sure your tuned in at 4p London, 8a L.A. 11a NYC, 5p Joberg

Time fly’s when you can’t wait to rock the world LIVE on SWR and 92.3FM London brining the hottest house and techno tracks. Make sure you tune in 5p Joberg, 4p London, 11a NYC, 8a L.A. on Home  

Nect3r is back from his Tour of South Africa with Soundwave Radio. He will be LIVE in the Mix so don’t miss out on this. Spinning House, Afro House, Deep House, Techno….. 4p London, 5p Johannesburg, 11p NYC, 8a L.A. Chat with me on Whats App 1-480-634-0797  

YES it’s true Nect3r is back from his Tour of South Africa with Soundwave Radio. He will be LIVE in the Mix so don’t miss out on this. 4p London, 6p Johannesburg, 12p NYC, 9a L.A.

This is the Pre-Flight Afternoon House Show, as Nect3r leaves for S. Africa today. Enjoy some great House, Jackin, Tech House and Techno with some Classics. Nect3r will be gone for 2 weeks some please visit his mixcloud for past shows. listen on TuneIn App and  

Two weeks til Nect3r Hitz S. Africa 2 Rock the Beat….. Tune in to get a taste of what’s coming…. Nect3r is bring a solid mix of Funk, House, Jackin House, and Techno….As always this show is not to be missed… Johannesburg 6p, London 4p, NYC 11a, L.A. 8a  

Oh YES!!!! it’s Wednesday and that means Nect3r is LIVE on @ 4p London 6p Johannesburg 11a NYC 8a L.A. Nect3r brings a unique style of song selection. Bring you everything from House, Tech House, Techno, Deep House, and more. His shows are not to be missed.

T-Minus 14 Days til Soundwave radio DJ’s Hit S. Africa for The Tour of the Spring, so get your fill of Nect3r and get ready to see him LIVE in Durban, Johannesburg and more … Visit   for all the info on every stop. Nect3r will kick off today with some Deep House, Funk and […]

Are U Ready 4 Lucky Number 13…… That’s Right It’s Techno AfterDark  #013 and it’s Friday which makes it even better. Great Techno Tracks coming tonight. 8p London On Techno Channel

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