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TuneIn today as I’m going to play some wonderful tracks that I dug up in the back of the crate. Got some wonderful classics from when I first started with SWR. Make sure you’re tuned in today.

Wednesday is here thank God, Nect3r is going to be spinning a amazing set of Vocal House & Tech House….. So be there at 6p Joberg, 4p London, 11a NYC, 8a L.A. Watch LIVE STREAM on SWR Facebook Page….. #NowPlaying – Soundwave Radio on @TuneIn Radio!

Nect3r’s kicking it this week with some vocal house tracks to start and then we’re going to get techie with it. Make sure you’re here Wednesday in 92.3 FM London. 4 p.m. London 11 a.m. New York City 8 a.m. Los Angeles

It’s Friday night London that can mean only one thing Techno AfterDark with N ect3r. Another Banger of a show coming at you to getting you ready for your weekend make sure you tune in to hear some hot techno tracks. 8 p.m. London 1 p.m. Phoenix 3 p.m. New York City

It’s Wednesday and that means one thing it’s time for Nect3r to drop some fantastic tracks for you this week. These tracks are so hot you have to be there to hear them him tune in. 4 p.m. London 11 a.m. New York City 8 a.m. Los Angeles 6 p.m. Johannesburg

Oh yes welcome to another episode of Techno AfterDark with Nect3r. This is episode 33 coming at you tonight, we got some bangers coming at you make sure you check out get on the social media hit me up.

Nect3r’s coming at you today what another hot 2 hours set full of fantastic house and techno tracks make sure you’re there to hear them. Also tune into the Soundwave Radio Facebook page to interact with me on the livestream also listen on 92.3 FM London and on the TuneIn app 4 p.m. London 11 […]

It’s Wednesday hump day, so that means it’s time to bump that ass day when Nect3r hits the decks to give you two hours of pumping underground house music. Make sure you tune in on and 92.3 FM as well as a TuneIn app

Nect3r’s coming at you tomorrow 4 p.m. London 2 hours of bass pumping underground house just for your listening pleasure. Make sure you’re there… and the TuneIn app

Going deep into the underground today with Nect3r live 2-hour set bringing you some of the hottest and deepest underground tracks around make sure you’re tuned in for that one 4 p.m. London 12 p.m. New York City 9 a.m. Los Angeles tune in on the TuneIn app as well as

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