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Nect3r is back with another banging techno set to kick your weekend off the right way. 8p London 12p L.A. and all times in between.

Nect3r will be back at the controllers this Wednesday. He has a amazing set ready for you old and new House, Tech House and Techno. tune in 4p London @ and the TuneIn App

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February 11, 2019

Nect3r will be live back in the mix on February 20th. 2019 Bookings Available

Nect3r will be live back in the mix on February 20th. He would like to thank everybody for hanging in there while he took care of some things behind the scenes. The website is back up and running. check it out bookings are available.

Sorry to inform everyone that Nect3r is taking a leave of absence and will hopefully be returning soon…. Thank you for allowing me to bring the joy of music to you…..


Oh yeah Soundwave Radio House channel let’s tune into the debut show for DJ Daz Evans as he brings you a great blend of House tech house and techno just pleasure on the ears TuneIn 8 p.m. London 12p Los Angeles.

Are you ready for the weekend, cuz here it comes, one hour of Bass pumping techno in your face. On Techno AfterDark with Nect3r right here on the Techno Channel at Soundwave radio. Net 8 p.m. London 3 p.m. New York City 12 p.m. Los Angeles

Check New DJ Ruggidbeats on the House Channel today 4p London. Bring you a great mix of House, Tech house and Beyond..

Welcome to the best and hottest midweek house party around right here on SWR afternoon how show live with Nect3r in the mix. Nect3r brings you two hours of the hottest House, tech house, and techno around. Make sure you tune in to hear this show live as-it-happens on and 92.3 FM London

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