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Dj Name: Peter Tashev Biography .: Peter Tashev is one of the main forces and artist behind “High Sounds”. Originally from Bourgas, Bulgaria and driven by his passion for electronic music he started getting into the local scene there. After meeting the duo Kolev&Emll back in 2015, they decided they will be joining forces and started […]

Dj Name: Plusculaar Biography .: Romanian dj & producer woth more then 12 years experience,             Check out the entry by Plusculaar : Genre: House (all Styles) Home Town: Bucharest Nearest City: Capital Country of Residence: Romania

Dj Name: Asca Biography .: Asca had taken the first steps in Leszno fallow to Dj at Space Club which doesn’texist now. He resided at Space Club from 1997 to 2001. As he says: “it was the time of music education and experiments in order to find his own style”. In the beginning he had been playing […]

Dj Name: luno maro Biography .: “luno maro” aka Walter Baeyens his real name, based in Belguim, fell in love with music during his childhood listening to a refined selection of soul, funk, disco, latin, world, jazz, new wave, rock, pop and hiphop. In the late 80’s luno maro started playing music himself, the basics he learned […]

Dj Name: Madeleine Minfalk Biography .: Dj,producer and visual artist making, loving and listen to music 24/7. Also doing visual arts for venues, clubs and concerts with lasers and lights           Check out the entry by Madeleine here : Genre: House (all Styles) Home Town: Vaxholm Nearest City: Stockholm Country of Residence: Sweden

Dj Name: Beat8 Biography .: BEAT8 is a DJ from Constanta, Romania, that only has one dream :to make people have a good time and dance on his music .His first contact with electronic music was when he had 16 years old and he recived as a gift the Gatecrasher Live in Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur CD […]

Dj Name: Jonny Williams Biography .: I have had opportunities to perform in venues, most of the UK cites, Playa de las Américas (Tenerife), San Antonio (Ibiza) Miami, San Diego (Untied States) and Dubrovnik (Croatia). With this experience and working with media/ recording/ radio I am more than familiar with the setup and safe operation of mixing […]

Dj Name: DJ Makars Biography.: Full name Janis Makarovs 1995-2005 Radio DJ Saules Iela 100,9 (Latvia) Resedent Dj Night Club Saules Iela (Latvia) 2006 I live in Ireland. Club and Music Pub DJ House music Festival (Picnic jam 2012) (Latvia) Mobile DJ private parties.           Check out the entry by Dj Makars: Genre: House […]

Dj Name: PQRX Biography .: From Mexico City, PQRX is a lawyer and passionate dj that lovely the electronic music since 12 years old. He started played in his bedroom and some parties of his friends aproximaatly 10 years ago. In 2017 he was winner of Burn Residency in his country, so was one of the 26 […]

Dj Name: Dj Joel Cabana Biography .: DJ Joel Cabana’s energetic house and techno beats, at times groovy and soulful sometimes melodic and edgy, ignites the minds, generates smiles and gets the party started. Steadily growing in popularity, Joel demonstrates his passion for the decks on his shows “In The MIX” on House Nation Toronto Radio and […]