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Whats up party people! Tonight the theme is “life is wonderful” on Electronic Confession. Join Charbonneau to feel good and groove to a mix of deep house, deep tech and progressive trance. Episode 124 will showcase tracks from Kyau & Albert, Who & Who, and Paul Thomas. Listen live on #bepositive

Party People! Charbonneau and the Disco Lady are back again tonight for Vol. 48 of House AfterDark on and 92.3 FM London. Charbonneau will dive deep into a melodic mix of house, tech house and progressive house with featured tracks from David Keno, Oliver Giacomotto, and Wheats. Join the LIVE show in 30 minutes on […]

Hello Party People! Charbonneau is LIVE tonight for episode 123 of Electronic Confession in 10 minutes. Tonight’s show will be a full ride through deep house, tech house and progressive house with featured tracks from Randy Seidman, 16 Bit Lolitas, and George Privatti. Join live at #bepositive

What’s up party people!  Volume 47 of House AfterDark with Charbonneau begins in just 20 minutes on Soundwave 92.3 FM and Soundwave Radio. A deep mix of progressive house, techno and deep tech is on deck featuring tracks from Teho, Josu Freire and Edwin Oosterwal.  We set sail @ 9 Eastern/8 Central/2 AM UK  

Hello Party People! Tonight Electronic Confession will have you grooving to some funky house, tech house, and disco.  Soundwave resident Charbonneau will start us out with hour 1 and flow into guest DJ Ryan Estep who will be in the mix for hour 2. Episode 122 will feature tracks from Low Steppa, FreedomB, and Solardo. Join LIVE […]

What is up party people! Join Charbonneau LIVE in 20 minutes for Vol. 46 of House AfterDark on and 92.3 FM London. Tonight’s show will dive deep into techno and progress into some progressive house. Vol. 46 will feature tracks from Yotam Avni, Julian Jeweil, and Pryda. See you soon! #bepositive

Whats up Party People! We are LIVE in 45 minutes for Ep. 121 of Electronic Confession on Soundwave resident Charbonneau takes the first hour with a mix of #techhouse, #techno, and #progressivehouse with tracks from featured artists Till Von Sein, David Messeri, and Norwood & Hills. Charbonneau will hand off hour 2 to guest […]

What is up party people! House AfterDark Vol. 45 will take you on a full house ride with Charbonneau mixing deep house, tech house, and progressive house in a cool blend that will have you head bobbing and feeling great. This show will feature tracks from artists Kink, AuDio KoDe, and Solee. Join LIVE it […]

Hello Party People! Tonight Electronic Confession Ep. 120 has a special surprise in store. Charbonneau will get you grooving with a curated mix through #deephouse, #deeptech, and #progressivehouse with tracks from featured artists Cornucopia, Sebastien Leger, and Blusoul. Hour 2 of the show will feature a guest mix from established Los Angeles DJ and Producer Randy Seidman. Catch the […]

Whats up party people! A heavy dose of #underground #house and #techhouse is on it’s way to you for Vol. 44 of House AfterDark with Soundwave resident DJ Charbonneau. Tonight’s featured artist are Eli Brown, John Tejada, and Dario D’Attis. The show begins at 8:00PM Central/2:00AM UK and can be heard LIVE on or 92.3FM London. […]

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