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Tonights show all uploaded to mixcloud  

  Live in the mix on the House channel til 8pm..

Back from 6pm UK on House channel with 2 hrs non-stop uplifting piano fuelled House Music. See u at 6pm G x

Tonight’s show uploaded to @mixcloud

Live in 45 mins for 2hrs non stop in the mix on the House channel

Back on it from 6pm UK tonight for 2 hrs of funky to uplifting piano fuelled vocal house. Got my track of the week – which is an absolute Vocal belta to play for you 😎 Please follow us on Twitter @soundwaveradio1 Or like the Facebook page @ Soundwave Radio Love G x    

Back tonight from 6pm UK time with 2 hrs to end the weekend off. Continuing the guest mix series – we have the man that is DJ Will Haven Back with track of the week and the usual banter and uplifting piano driven tunes for your weekend wind down. See you at 6pm UK xx

Back again tonight from 6pm UK time with an extended show for the UK Bank Holiday. Im happy to have Soundwave’s very own Nect3r on guest mix duties tonight… Plenty of uplifting positive piano fuelled house tunes to continue the weekend and my Track Of The Week. See you at 6pm G XX

Back tonight from 6pm UK for another show rammed with loads of positive uplifting piano fuelled goodness for your weekend. Tonight includes my track of the weekend and Im pleased to announce a new feature kicking off with a special guest 45 minute mix from Kent based DJ Ricky B. Up and coming guest mixes […]

Yes Im back on Soundwave for my usual show from 6pm UK time… many thanks to Rich and Phil for being legends. Serving up loads of uplifting positive piano fuelled, vocal charged tracks as usual.. Featuring my ‘Track Of The Weekend’ (as voted for by me)  – that one i cant stop playing or singing […]

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