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Miss J, Phunkphonic & Speaker Spanker crew pop off the most fun drum and bass, house, techno, fun talk & spanks! Live from USA. Tues GMT 12-4 in UK and Mon 7-11est USA.

Miss J & Speaker Spankers bday edition! Discodan and Miss J will be throwing down! Happy bday Miss J! Rocking dnb, house, techno, fun talk & spanks. Laughs included! Live from USA!

Miss J, Phunkphonic and Speaker Spankers host guest Casey Phear alongside Dj Omen bumping drum and bass, house, techno, fun talk and spanks! Live from USA!

Join Miss J, Phunkphonic and Speaker Spanker crew as they host Jwan Allen vs Tom Cox in a sexy styled Paddle Royale house music battle! Always bumpin the best house, dnb, techno, fun talk and spanks!

Speaker Spanking it like a pro Miss J and crew reppin from USA and supporting Earth come live and direct in your holes weekly! Phunkphonic, Mr Stitch, Big bird and all the royal subjects drop the latest, the greatest, the weirdest house, dnb, fun talk, unexpectedness and live spankins for the good of all that […]

Miss J After Dark with Phunkphonic and the Speaker Spanker crew hosting live house, drum and bass, techno, fun talk and live spankin’s! Hosting live from thy vibrating throne this show features a Paddle Royale battle with djs Wompy & Kped!

Join Miss J and Speaker Spanker crew After DARK live from USA! Spoiling your ears with dark dnb goodness, sexy wild house and the unexpected variety only they present! Tonight from USA paddle royale will host a dnb battle with Kilo vs Ben Matrix/Quadkore/Remote Viewer… be warned! Listen and watch later on facebook! Spank it! […]

Miss J Speaker Spankers Live from USA after dark and out of control! droppin that hot house, techno, drum and bass, fun talk and wild surprise spankings while the djs rock! Join us! tues UK 12-4GMT and mon7-11est USA time. www.speakerspanker. com. PARENTAL ADVISORY

After dark Miss J Speaker Spankers bring you dnb, house, fun talk and live spanks weekly from USA!

After Dark Miss J Speaker Spankers bring you drum and bass, house, techno, weird stuff, fun talk and live spankings! Lots of fun and unlike anything you have ever heard before! Long time crew friend and amazing dj Casey Cloonan will be joining the show tonight with an epic house/tech/progressive set! Love and respect to […]

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