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Soundwave world tour auditions. Hello my name is Osvaldo Rafael Lopes da Silva and I am from Portugal from the city of Coimbra. I started practicing in the DJ area about five years ago. I took a DJ and producer course to deepen my abilities as a musician. Before that I had just the normal […]

Soundwave world tour auditions. House, Techno and EDM DJ of over 5 years looking for a break to be able to make people dance for a living. Found a loving of working the decks whilst serving in the British army, DJing for corridor parties and military functions. Later began creating mixes for social media websites […]

JEEK’s journey began with the influence of British House and Disco music. Several tracks later, captivated by Dance music and the magic of European DJs, he decided to record his first mixtapes. The versatility and musical daring on those live sets allowed him to make his first performance in one of the best clubs of […]

My real name is Antonio but friends called Murdock there is why Er-murdock I was borne in Andalucia(South Spain) and grow with rock and Flamenco music Since I moved to London in 1994 and meet the underground party raves and influenced by acid TB-303 sound spread to many music genre Been learning to DJ with […]

Started dj in 2010 and since then I have played at all of the main club’s here in Reykjavik and also played all of the (electronic music) radio shows and was a host of one. And I have played at a club in Spain and a radio show in London.           […]

ZHR is a House music producer, DJ and Joy Records’ manager from Tel – Aviv, Israel. Check out his lastest remix: Zohar Shaler, a.k.a ZHR, started his career as an unknown DJ at the age of 21, choosing his music over a promising career as a mechanical engineer.After playing in some small clubs, he […]

 Kyborg Having metal as his first love, , he started to play electronic music around 2008. Starting with Drum n Bass & Industrial Hardcore, he fell in love with psychedelic music at the Alternative Stage @ Psy Fi 2012. He plays Darkpsy, Hi-tech and Forest, and Nightpsytrance and later on also started to work on […]

Faxi Nadu is Yaron Eshkar, born 1983, citizen of planet earth and living in Israel. Producing music and developing applications since 2000. Music Faxi Nadu music features philosophical musings presented through psytrance and techno stories. Exploring human nature and the interaction of past and future – part space exploration and part forgotten elven bard songs. […]

Ochu LaRoss was born July 7, 1991 in the former Yugoslavia. In a very early age he was getting more and more interested in electronic music. The first mixes are from the year 2003. His parents wanted him to be a musician, for his father is a musician and a music teacher. He went to […]

CHRIS ROCKWELL, (We Love Techno,Hungry Koala, Bosphorus Underground, and more) Sound: Techno, Tech house, Minimal. Working with labels such as Bosphorus Underground, Hungry Koala, We Love Techno…. Bio: After years of playing Trance and Hard banging tunes like Hardstyle. Chris Rockwell changed his roots to Minimal and Techno. Chris Rockwell got more and more intresting […]

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