Soundwave Trance with VJLeeJ

Soundwave Trance with VJLeeJ

Tuesday, 16 May 2017
Lee J


8PM GMT 92.3FM London 🇬🇧
Join VJLeeJ as He keeps the weekend alive with a Full on Trance Tuesday Thrashing. A journey to 138 & beyond!

Don’t chance it… Trance it.



After the massive success of Tranceality, LeeJ Returns with the same Epic Trance line-up but with a new name and not one… But Two hours of Trancetastic Tunes! LeeJ bring the latest in Trance to you every week, Same Trance Tuesday 8-10Pm.


My Sound
Trance & Tech that errs on the side of deep vocal and progressive.
The Trance scene became known to me at school aged 14. I spent hours searching CD’s to record my favorites onto tape/MD, and then play it to my mates on our hour long bus trip to/from school.
Friends always said I would make a good DJ!
I always liked being the life and soul of the party, using music to get people talking…drunk…dancing… Happy days!
Career highlights so far:
BPM DJ of the week 2013
BPM DJ of the month 2013
BPM DJ of the week 2014
BPM DJ of the week 2015
BPM DJ of the month 2015

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